Outliers with Daniel Scrivner

Every week, I sit down with someone in the Top 1% of their profession — from Oscar winners to NYT bestselling authors  — to decode what they've mastered.

Listen in as I dig deep to uncover the tactics, routines, and habits that can propel you to the top of your field.

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Erling Kagge

The Famed Norwegian Explorer on Silence, Philosophy, and Summiting Mount Everest

Kevin Kelly

The Polymath Behind WIRED and Recomendo: On What Technology Wants and the Future of Virtual Reality

Paula Faris

The Emmy-Nominated Journalist on Fear, Faith, and Finding Your Calling (ABC News, The View, and Good Morning America)

Mark Sisson

Ancestral Health and Building a $200M Disruptive Health Food Company (Primal Kitchen)

Casey Putschoegl

How to Bring on an Incredible Executive Assistant (33Vincent)

Carey Smith

Lessons Learned Building a $500M Business (Big Ass Fans)

Laurence Gonzales

The Incredible Neuroscience of Survival (Santa Fe Institute)

Pete Richardson

Gaining Clarity on Your Life's Purpose (Paterson Center)

Dylan Taylor

Building the Berkshire Hathaway of Outer Space (Voyager Space Holdings)

Jessica Hansen

How to Own and Love Your Voice with NPR's In-House Coach

Howard Berger

How to Lead Teams and Win Awards in Hollywood (KNB EFX)

Nathan Baschez

Understanding and Applying Business Strategy (Divinations and Everything)

Chris Sparks

The Commonalities of Peak Performance (The Forcing Function)

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